Jeremy Bos (JBos) began to DJ almost 15 years ago. From humble beginnings in the bedroom and gaining experience by entertaining crowds of friends at house parties, he steadily grew as a DJ, experimenting with different formats and genres. He has made appearances at award winning nightclubs such as Ambar in Perth and Brown Alley in Melbourne, supporting some big names like DJ Hyper, Friendly and Phil K. After taking some time off to travel the world, in 2012 JBos relaunched his DJ career in the South West region discovering a rewarding change from the city scene, trading clubs and bars for beach weddings, boutique outdoor festivals and craft brewery venues.  

As musical director and resident DJ of the Papazahns collective, JBos has been an integral part of creating some of the best dance floors at the annual Blazing Swan festival in Kulin, at some of WAs best DJs and bands at private events, warehouse parties and most recently the West Australian Circus Festival.  In 2017 He travelled to Thredbo Ski Resort for a run of dates with singer Reigan Derry aka Red London.