Help the Roofgoats!

The most exciting part about Bunbury Fringe is seeing local acts as they develop from season to season. We have watched the Roofgoats, for example, deliver two brilliantly written, expertly performed original works at the 2018 and 2019 Festivals, delighting audiences and winning fans as they go. It is for this reason that we so eagerly anticipate their 2020 show, “Face the Music” - and this time, they’re asking for your help to pull it off.

The Roofgoats are asking the public to aide them in the inspiration for this new work - they’d like you to send in photographs, either of yourself or someone else, and from these they will select faces that spark a story, or a song! All you need to do is complete the form (click on the link below) and wait and see if yours are the snaps that inspire…

Photo 3-2-19, 5 59 11 pm.jpg