The Team

Jo O’Dea


Jo has been managing events and collaborating on fun projects for nearly 20 years. She loves theatre, performance, music, public art, wine, champagne, great food and where she lives. Jo feels honoured to be leading the Fringe team into 2019.

Elle Dixon

Vice Chairperson

Elle has worked in the arts in the South West since 2002, and runs a small creative company, Dixon & Smith. A work day might find her designing, snapping photos, running social media, creating websites or creating spaces – in her free time, it’s all about travel, family and friends, food and other festivities.

Sarahjane Bilston

Co Secretary

Sarahjane loves working behind the scenes to bring cool stuff to life. After 12 years teaching English, Drama & Media, she decided to take the plunge and turn what she used to do for fun into a career. She’s into theatre, performance, film and how the arts allow us to hear stories we never even knew we needed to hear.

Renee Morrison

Co Secretary

Renee has been in the hospitality industry for 21 years and is the owner of Your Turn Events small business located in Bunbury. She enjoys comedy, live music and practising Yoga. Renee is excited to be involved in such an amazing event for Bunbury.

Paul Springate


Paul has been part of the Bunbury business community for around 22 years and has collaborated with a number of community based organisations. He loves the Bunbury Geographe lifestyle and is looking forward to contributing to the changing face of the region through this rocking event that is sure to set Bunbury alight with culture.

Renee Chapple

Renee has been working as a Drama and Media teacher in the South West since 2010. She loves Fringe and the different, diverse and wonderfully weird performances it brings to the community.

Taneeka Grant

Taneeka has been performing in some capacity for most of her life and her lifelong dream is to live in a world where flash mobs are the norm and people burst into song on the street. As a Drama Teacher, Taneeka has the daily joy of fostering a love of all things theatrical into today’s youth.

Geoff Robinson

Geoff is a musician, actor and teacher (was maths, now music). He has been actively involved with Stark Raven Theatre for 18 years and is a member of the folk/rock band the Roofgoats as well as the newly formed shanty singers, The Anchormen. Geoff enjoys live, quirky and engaging music and theatrical performances.

Melody Birrell

Mel has spent over 20 years working in community development & social impact project areas. Her particular focus is on creating mental joyful activities & events that improve the wellness & connectedness of diverse cultural or social groups in the South West. She is energised by growing Fringe & by the community participation potential of this and future Fringe events!

Zena Hotker

Zena and her family have long lived and worked in Bunbury, running the Good Earth Surf Shop, supporting the local bodyboarding community, as well as lending their hands to regional events! Her shop transforms into the Bunbury Fringe hub each year, which is just perfect for this lover of live music and performance, as she gets to slip in and enjoy the shows whenever she pleases!

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